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This inspiring epic story of America’s First Entrepreneur shows how entrepreneurial initiative and death-defying courage can change the world.

A humble and astute English farmer has a vision of entrepreneurial success across the ocean in Virginia; he embarks on an epic adventure with his pregnant wife; he endures the storm of the century, the hurricane which inspired William Shakespeare to write The Tempest; he survives the wreck of the Sea Venture and is marooned on a deserted island for almost ten months while other survivors mutiny and murder; his wife gives birth only to have their baby die days later; he escapes the island only to find Jamestown, Virginia, has become Hell on Earth; he finds English Cannibalism and starvation; his English wife dies; he persists with his entrepreneurial vision and tastes success; his cash crop saves the Virginia colony financially; he converts an Indian princess to Christianity and marries her in a royal wedding, the first interracial church marriage in the Americas; his marriage saves the Virginia colony politically; he and his Indian princess wife make a promotional tour to London as celebrities; and in just seven years he has created the cash crop which will be the chief export from America for the next 150 years and will still be a thriving multi-billion dollar industry 400 years later.

Without the contributions of America’s First Entrepreneur, the Virginia colony would have failed, and the French, Spanish, and Dutch, rather than the English, would have colonized not only New Mexico, California, Florida, Canada, Delaware, and New York as they had already done, but all the rest of what is now the United States. In a very real sense, America’s First Entrepreneur is responsible for the United States being an English speaking nation, for our English common law, and for our English cultural heritage of representative government, entrepreneurial initiative, and religious freedom on which the United States of America is founded.

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John L. Rolfe, Randy Colton Rolfe, and Princess Buttercup The Cat are co-authors of this book for adult animal lovers. The following description is from Princess Buttercup The Cat.

How I learned to love my travel crate and travel with my two humans. I’m Princess Buttercup The Cat. I’m a keen observer – what else do I have to do all day long except sleep – and I break the age-old cat code of silence because I know my book by a cat about a cat with its cat humor is way better than any book by any human. I’m a with-it, outspoken, and witty black and white tuxedo cat with humility, compassion, and an attitude. To purr or not to purr, that is the question.

My tell-all travel adventure with my two humans on a 5 day 4 night cross-country dash in the heat of summer – cat under a hot tin roof – includes many humorous anecdotes. I left my heart near San Francisco and I tell my story of my Road Trip #3 from my Pennsylvania home to my California home – California or bust. I highlight the perplexing behavior of humans in general and my humans in particular. Sometimes I listen to my humans and I share some of their experiences as well.

Traveling 2,976 miles in 5 days and crossing 12 states is a grueling but enlightening experience. I stay in pet-friendly hotels where I get my own Princess Buttercup Luggage Cart. I describe my close encounter of the third kind with a Weimaraner (a breed of dog) in a hotel elevator. As a mile high kitty, I also stay in the Colorado home of my man human’s brother along with 12 paws of the dog kind. I describe the behavior and challenges of the barkers and the local coyotes and rabbits.

I give a cat’s eye view, and wry comments from the comfort (?) of my crate, of the vastness and beauty of the USA, the “most celebrated section of the interstate highway system,” the plains, deserts, mountains, buttes, and valleys, an abandoned stealth airplane, and Vegas, Baby! I go through a sandstorm, dust devils, tumbling tumbleweeds, thunderstorms – have you ever seen the rain comin down on a sunny day – and 111° F heat. I deal with leash management and eating on the road.

My book is an easy and fun read and full of quips and feline insights about life, humans, cats, dogs, and more. It’s also a how-to book about family travel with a cat. My humans, who took notes and typed my story, are authors themselves and seasoned travelers.

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