Who Was America’s First Entrepreneur?

(Answers below)

1. Did he –

a. Develop the first cash crop in America and assure the success of England in America?

b. Develop a product that was America’s top export for 150 years?

c. Stop the Indian War against the colonists and assure the success of England in America?

2. Did he marry –

a. A woman from his home town in England?

b. A native American Indian Princess?

c. A daughter of a fellow passenger on his first trip from England to America?

3. Was the big obstacle faced by America’s First Entrepreneur –

a. Bailing a sinking ship for 72 hours straight?

b. Being shipwrecked on an uninhabited island for almost ten months?

c. Building a ship to get off the uninhabited island?

4. Was the child of America’s First Entrepreneur –

a. The first child born on Bermuda?

b. The child of an American Indian?

c. The child of an Englishwoman who came from England to America as a child at the same time he did?

5. Did America’s First Entrepreneur –

a. Invent the lightning rod?

b. Invent the cotton gin?

c. Successfully cross-breed an agricultural crop?

6. Did America’s First Entrepreneur grow –

a. Corn?

b. Cotton?

c. Sugar cane?

d. Tobacco?

7. What is the name of America’s First Entrepreneur?



1. All

2. All

3. All

4. All

5. c

6. d

7. John Rolfe